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Most likely, you have gotten tired of having to rush to the door; turn the handle and push the door open. That can be both tiring and boring, no doubt. Have you ever come back, worn out and cranky, only to exert the little energy left in search of your bunch of keys? After finding the keys, you have to make your way to the door lock. Ordinarily this shouldn’t have taken more than a few seconds or even make you dissipate noticeable amount of energy. But at that point when you need all the rest you can get, you would ordinarily want every other thing to be done as seamlessly as possible, including unlocking your door. You might as well be in the house, but desire to have your doors locked with appreciable ease. Just like you, we are all tired of doing things the traditional way; particularly the opening or unlocking of doors. The guess is that you probably have heard about a smart home, maybe from the movies or during those moments of your wishful thinking. If you know about smart homes, then you probably have heard about smart door locks. But even if you’ve not, Servo is here to tell you all you need to know about them. Trust our expertise, as we run through the overview.

What Is a Smart Door Lock?

In the context of appliances, devices or gadgets, the word ‘smart’, always has to do with something made with an innovative brand of technology, different from the familiar or conventional brand or quality. So, a smart door is simply a brand of door, made with an innovative brand of technology, with special features to show for it. Therefore, a smart door lock is an automated electronic device, with which the door is opened, following a programmed instruction. Unlike the traditional way of unlocking doors, here, there isn’t any need to make use of keys or anything of that sort. The smart door lock is a brand of technology that is increasingly becoming popular, among home owners.


Furthermore, the smart device being talked about, is as integral part of a smart home, which is probably the dream of everyone, if not sometimes, for the paucity of funds or unavailability of the requisite information. And it is that requisite information that Servo Direct brings to your reading pleasure.

Smart homes make life at home a lot easier and with the smart door lock, you don’t have to worry about carrying keys around just to open or lock your door. Instead of that, you just need to install the smart door lock, and with the key fob or your smart phone which the device is synchronized, you can lock or open your door. But prior to your opening the door, it is also with the fob or you phone that you can give access to the unlocking of the door, after the automated information or necessary codes are provided. Smart door locks are of the ways of the automating the home, for effective security.

Benefits of Smart Door Locks

Having a smart door lock, is one of the way of enjoying the benefits of a smart home. Some of them work with Wi-Fi or even a bluetooth connection . While some function with voice assistants like Google Alexa. Below are some of the benefits the smart door lock; which could appear in several shapes, specs and with models.

  1. Security

One of the major benefits or uses of smart door locks is the security it gives. With the device around the door, access to the house by unwanted visitors, is effectively restricted, because you have maximum control over who comes into your building, apartment or room. In that case, no one comes in except they follow the automated instructions from the smart lock.


  1. Comfort

When you link the smart door lock to your smart phone, then you will still take control of your door, even while you’re on your bed or any other space of comfort. More interesting is the fact that even if you’re out of the house, you can still from your mobile phone, decide when your door closes or when it opens.

  • Visitors can still come in when you are out

Maybe you left the house, without knowing you had a visitor on the way. It could also be that everyone in the house, left for their day’s job and later on, one of you dashed back to the house to pick up something. When that happens in the absence of the smart lock and the spare keys aren’t available, there is usually panic. But with the smart door locks installed on your doors, you wouldn’t have to worry over who needs to enter the house even when you are not around. All you  need to do is to open your phone, and unlock your door from the app. You can as well share your digital keys with them, and the door will be opened, with no stress and no need to be apprehensive. But then, the other person needs to know that the digital keys are to be used within a specific period of time. So they must use it as soon as possible.

  1. You can see who is at the door

Smart door locks come in specs and models. And in one of such models, there is a camera fixed on it. And with this camera, you are able to see who is at your door, before you conclude on whether you will have to open your door or not. Pictures gathered from the camera can also be archived, for the purpose of referencing in the future. This particular is most needful, in your absence.

  1. No worries about keys

With the traditional way of locking and unlocking doors at home or in the office, carries bunch of keys can sometimes be burdensome. And in many instances, there are cases of missing keys along with the apprehension and disappointment that comes with that. But with the smart locks available, you don’t have to worry about carrying keys around, or even the fear of misplacing them. You can still safe-keep your keys, if you so much like them.

Maintaining Your Smart Door Lock

As wonderful and convenient this piece of technology is, you just wouldn’t want to experience what comes with its breakdown. This could happen at very odd times when you seriously need it to function and you cannot do anything to salvage the situation.  Suddenly the convenience turns to inconvenience and the comfort slips to discomfort. Imagine you all returned after a long day; needing to freshen, stop over at the kitchen and subsequently retire to your beds. And the door refuses to open, because your smart door lock is down.

Most times, the breaking down of this device is as a result of lack of maintenance of the poor way of maintenance. Trust me, this is most times, avoidable. Staff of Servo Direct, are experienced enough to guide you through the ways you can seamlessly look after your device. Because it is definitely essential for you to handle your smart lock with care, for optimal functioning.

Here are some of the ways you can maintain your smart lock.

Watch out for the functionalities and features

Smart devices, just like every other electronic device, requires that close attention be paid on the functionalities  as well as the features therein. One way you can effectively do this or ascertain the optimal usage of the device is by paying attention to the instructions of its usage, as contained in the manual. The danger of not doing so is that, you could lose sight of a little case of malfunctioning, which when ignored, could cause a weightier damage to the device. With your eye on the manual, you will be able to know what to do, when your smart lock simply needs a rebooting, for it to resume functioning. Probably, all it needs to get back to optimal work is a simple calibration. This can be the case when it’s actually locked but notifies you of the opposite, or the other way round. Cases of alignment, significantly affects the functioning of the smart door locks. While there are many reasons for the alignment issues, it takes one with the sound knowledge of the maintenance procedures, to pinpoint that. And when that is done, your smart lock starts functioning well again.

Keep an eye on the batteries

Just like any other smart device powered by a set of batteries, it is good that you keep an eye on the batteries, powering your smart lock. If the batteries are not strong enough, then definitely, your device will be functioning with a lot of hitches. This is probably one if the commonest issues, people using smart door locks face. But then, this issue, can be averted. Depending on how frequently your smart locks are being used, it is advisable that you change the batteries quite often. Such places include eateries, or places where there is frequent movement of individuals. But in homes and other places alike, you can choose to replace the batteries, bi-annually or annually, as the case may be. Where possible, then the batteries can be steadily charged.

Pay attention to connection issues

As earlier stated, this device is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled. As often possible, check the strength of the connectivity of the Bluetooth, by among other things, getting connected to the Wi-Fi network. But if there are repeated cases of connection disruption, maybe as a result your Bluetooth signal is not being picked by that of the smart door lock, you can tried turning off your Bluetooth connection and putting it back, after a few minutes.

There are the major maintenance steps required, for the increased functionality of the device.

Types of Smart Door Locks

There are many types of smart door locks, but below are some of the examples:

  1. Tuya Smart Fingerprint Keylock
  2. Smart Door lock
  3. Pulmos Smart Hotel Door lock
  • Gsmart Smart Door Lock
  1. Electronic Keyless Keypad ID Card Bluetooth Door Lock
  2. Autoeye Tuya Smart Wireless Door Window Open – Lock Sensor
  3. Alarm Lock Anti-Theft Security Door System
  1. Double Magnetic Door Lock For Access Control
  2. Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock with Bluetooth (keyless entry)


Each of these types of smart door locks come with their specific features and functionalities. Servo Direct is  a trusted dealer and distributor of smart door locks, and so we are better placed to advice on the best type to choose, based on a couple of factors we would like you to make available to us. Smart door locks have their cons too. Don’t worry, we will keep you in the know of that too.


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