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Best Smart homes devices in Nigeria and their prices

The best smart home devices have made it easy and possible for homeowners to literally control all appliances from their phones at their own convenience.

With the best smart home devices, you could turn off your air conditioning or lights while you are still in your office or anywhere, and adjust the lighting in every way you want without having to get up. You could literally control any device without lifting a muscle.

Getting your home connected makes your life easier and saves you energy for several tasks of your daily life.


Smart homes simply put are properties/homes where devices and appliances can be controlled remotely by smartphones or other devices connected to the internet.

How do smart homes work?

By making it easy to control the basic appliances/devices in the home, either via a smartphone, control panel, or voice control.

Before turning your home into a smart home, you need some things in place. They are:

A wifi connection
Smart homes devices
Smart home system to connect, monitor, and control these devices.

If you are looking at smart home devices with the sole purpose of boosting your home security and convenience, then focus your attention on the different smart home devices that will be discussed now.

There’s a huge choice in each of these different types of smart home gadgets, so we’ve put the most popular models to the test, and rounded-up those that can propel your home automation to the next level. Here’s our pick of the best smart home devices you can buy right now.

Allone Pro RF Smart Hub Controller
Smart Wifi Magic Cube Controller
DM10ZW Smart Dimmer Controller
Mixpad Mini Zigbee Smart Panel
Mixpad S Zigbee Gateway Panel
Wifi Smart Door Lock C1
1 Gang Zigbee Smart Switch
2-Gang Zigbee Smart Switch
3-Gang Zigbee Szmart Switch
CN Gang Zigbee Smart Switch
Wifi Smart Door Lock S2

Allone Pro RF Smart Hub Controller: This controller allows you to control multiple appliances in your home from your smartphone.
Smart Wifi Magic Cube Controller: This controller also supports more than 8000 different brands of IR appliances by voice commands.
Mixpad Mini Zigbee Smart Panel: It enables control of home lighting, curtains, and other appliances through a variety of ways such as buttons, touch screen, voice commands with the help of Alexa/Google Assistant and apps control.
Smart Door Lock C1: This door lock supports 5 ways to unlock your door lock; Fingerprint, Smart cards, Passcode, Spare keys, OTP that can be generated from the app for your guests/visitors.
2 Gang Zigbee Smart Switch: This smart light switch allows you to turn on, off, or dim your light anywhere and anytime from the Homemate App.


1-Gang Zigbee Smart Switch = 17,000.00
2-Gang Zigbee Smart Switch = 19,000.00
Smart Wifi Magic Cube controller = 10,000.00
Allone Pro RF Smart Hub Controller = 12,000.00
For a comprehensive prices list on our available smart home devices visit our Smart home appliance page

Smart homes are also not a static construct. Depending on your preferences, your smart home can be customized and certain devices can be either included or left out.

For instance, if it is not important for you to control your roller blinds from your smartphone, those do not have to be connected to your smart home technology.

Therefore, you can connect almost every device you want while you do not have to if you don’t want to do so.

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