Infrared Security Cameras

Infrared Security Cameras

Infrared cameras are some of the most popular and widely used cameras around the world. They are mostly known for their effectiveness in capturing images and recording footage in the Nighttime. This type of camera gives a perfect recording of a given environment perfectly at night. Despite the efficiency of this camera in capturing footage at night, it is not as expensive as most other cameras in the market today.

Of course, the Infrared camera is one of the best choices of camera to go for when looking for a camera to record at night. To know more about this wonderful piece of camera, come with us as we explore everything you need to know about Infrared Security Cameras.

What Are Infrared (IR) Security Cameras?

For someone who is conversant with security related concepts and products, it is possible you have come across the words Infrared or Thermal, most especially in movies. These two words are usually used in place of each other. Despite the different meaning of these two words going by science, Infrared cameras and Thermal Imaging cameras are also distinct in their characteristics. However, these two types of cameras use Infrared energy for capturing footage.

While Thermal Imaging cameras are only able to detects Infrared energy usually in animals and human beings, Infrared cameras use the Infrared light to illuminate objects to allow the camera see perfectly in the night. This is why Infrared cameras are perfect for night-time footage capture.

How They Work

In order to offer a better understanding of how Infrared Security Cameras work, it is important that we re-examine the mode of operation of regular security cameras to know how they see. Similar to the eyes of animals and human beings, cameras see objects with the help of reflected light. As humans or cameras, we see objects because of the light particles that bounce off the surface of such objects. This is why as humans or regular cameras, it is impossible to see in dark places since there is no light and nothing is reflected.

While it seems impossible for the naked eye to see Infrared light, every object we see today give off some sort of these wavelengths which are also invisible to the naked eye. Infrared cameras are able to see clearly in the dark because they project beams of Infrared light to illuminate objects in their path. Despite the Reliance on rays of light to see visibly in the dark, it also has its own light source through the Infrared light.

Types of Infrared Security Cameras

The are two types of Infrared Security Cameras today. There is the IR integrated cameras, and the external IR illuminator. IR integrated cameras will have infrared LEDs already installed on the camera. Other cameras will require an external IR illuminator that is mounted above or below the camera. These devices are kind of like flashlights, but they emit infrared light instead.

  • IR Integrated Cameras

IR integrated cameras can also be referred to as true day/night cameras because they can be used for both daytime and nighttime. These cameras will either have IR LEDs that turn off during the day or will have a light sensor with a mechanical IR cut filter to remove IR illumination during the day. These cameras are effective, but they are limited by a short range.

Additionally, the heat produced by the IR LEDs causes the LEDs to degrade and die out faster and when the LEDs die out, the whole camera will need to be replaced. The heat also attracts insects and bugs which could obscure the camera’s view. However, they are cost-effective and have an easier installation since the IR LEDs come already attached to the camera.

  • External IR Illuminator

External IR Illuminator are known to have a better illumination range when compared to the IR integrated cameras. This camera is so powerful it can illuminate distances reaching a staggering 919ft, which is 9 times the range ability of integrated cameras. External IR illuminators are also known to burn much more evenly and spread over a large area leading to extended life span.

The complex setup of the External IR illuminator makes it a huge task in the process of installing the camera and the illuminator. However, it’s higher flexibility makes it easy to forget this complexity quickly. Since it poses more advantages to users than when compared to the or integrated cameras, external IR illuminator are more expensive. The fact that there are two devices to be purchase in this type of camera is another possible reason for the upfront costs of setting up this type of camera.


Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between these two types of infrared security cameras. If you want a camera for a home or small business and don’t want to deal with too much hassle, then an integrated camera will do the job. If you need a more reliable and flexible option for larger-scale applications, then infrared security cameras with an external illuminator would be better.

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