What CCTV Accessories Do I Need?

What CCTV Accessories Do I Need?

CCTV Cameras have become a necessity in many homes, businesses, events centers, private properties, and so on. CCTV Cameras are installed in numerous places for different reasons ranging from security to supervision. Whatever your reason is for installing a CCTV camera in your choice of place, it would be impossible to set up one without having some of the most important accessories to back it up.

Assuming this is your first try at installing CCTV Cameras wherever you want it to be, chances are you have selected the right security camera that fits your purpose and a video recorder to follow suit. Assuming your CCTV system is good to go would be quite a stretch at this point. There are many other CCTV Accessories you need to support your security system with, to complete and ensure an efficiently running security system. This guide will enlighten you about the accessories you need to buy to complement and support your security system today.


This is an important accessory to have, as your CCTV Cameras would be useless without them. They are almost as important as the cameras themselves. On a general note, cables are used with analog cameras and Ethernet cables are used with IP cameras. There are different types of ethernet cables, the most popular ones which are the cat5 and cat6. It is good to note when buying that the higher the category number of your chosen cable, the better the frequency and speed of the cable which is usually measured in Mhz.

While newer cables are known to efficiently manage and handle higher bandwidths, longer cables have a tendency to have slower transmission speeds. When purchasing your cables, also have in mind the place or position where the cameras will be used. Take for example, outdoor cables are usually coated in wax to allow pulling through electrical conduits for more durable form.

Power Supply

Well, this is self explanatory as we all know that CCTV Cameras are electrical equipment or products that cannot run without electrical power. IP cameras will use a PoE switch or PoE injector. PoE means “power over Ethernet” and this means using a single Ethernet cable to power and connect your system to the internet. A PoE switch allows you to connect all your cameras together without having to run multiple cables while a PoE injector is for only one camera. Analog cameras will use a regular power adaptor.

Hard Disk Drive

As you may already know, a hard disk drive is simply a storage device capable of storing videos, images, and other related files & extension. It can pretty much store anything tech related. When users purchase a video recorder, purchasing a hard disk drive is inevitable. Without it, there will be nothing stored from the footage captured by the video recorder.

When trying to select a hard disk drive, it is important to consider the space you will need for your footage. Usually, home owners keep recordings from their video recorder for a minimum of one week, while business owners keep recordings up to 2 weeks. Keep it in mind that the more storage you need for your video recorder, the higher the costs. Consider also, different factors that may lead to rapid exhaustion of space on your hard disk drive like higher resolution, continuous recording, higher frame rate, and so on.


USB FAT32 Format

This is another important accessory to have for your CCTV camera system. Depending on the size of your hard disk drive, it will eventually be used up at some point. There are two things involved when your hard disk drive reaches its maximum capacity. Either it stops storing your footage or it starts to overwrite previous recordings on the drive. For users who want to keep their past footage for future reference, this is where the USB come into play.

Through the USB, you can transfer your footage. This allows you the liberty to delete and free up space on the hard disk drive, eventually allowing for input of new footage. This also allow you keep your old recordings until whenever you want to discard them.

Monitor & Mouse

Well, it goes without a saying that there is no way you can view all your recordings, with r past or current without having a monitor and mouse. This makes it an important accessory to your security system, as there is no use for recording a footage without being able to watch it. The mouse comes in handy to control and change the settings of your video recorder.

In the process of buying a monitor, you should always look for the choice which offer the best image quality. It is ideal to choose monitors that will allow you clearly see the details of your footage through clear and vibrant pictures.

Internet Source

As opposed to all the other accessories available on this list, an internet source is not as important. This is because you can still efficiently run your CCTV system without having an internet connection. But an internet connection might be needed for those who needs access to their CCTV system remotely. Through the connection of your CCTV system to the internet, you can easily access and manage your CCTV system from wherever you are. So if you need remote access to your system, ensure you have everything in place for a stable internet connection.

Also, an internet source also allow users of CCTV system to upload their recordings to either the cloud or any other internet storage platform. This can somehow eliminate or ease the huge responsibility placed on your hard disk drive.

Protective Coverings

The use of this accessory is only dependent on where you intend to place your CCTV Cameras and other parts that make up the system. For those who need their CCTV cameras outside, you need to have the right protective covering to guard your cameras from harsh weather conditions. You could make purchase of a waterproof housing to prevent water molecules from seeping through your camera, which may be destructive. Protecting any outlets or ports where your cameras are plugged are also important. You can also cover your cables with wax or any other covering which would add to its durability.


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