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Creative Ideas for Smart Home Automation

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Creative Ideas for Smart Home Automation

Creative Ideas for Smart Home Automation. With the onset of a new year, 2022 aims at being the year of technology and growth. A smart home is the latest trend that has been sweeping the country. Keeping with this trend, more and more people are purchasing the best smart home products in order to modernize their homes or make them digital-ready for future smart devices.

 As you consider whether or not you want to go on this journey, there are many questions you will be asking yourself. The ultimate goal of a smart home is to improve every element of your life, from help around the house, to making sure your home is secure from outside threats. With this being said, I would like to share with you some creative ideas for smart homes .

Top Smart Home Ideas That You Can Apply to Your Home in 2022

Entry way

  1. Smart locks

If you’re looking for smart home ideas then you should give consideration to smart locks.If you have a home and a family, then you probably have your concerns about the safety and security of your loved ones. You can never be too cautious when it comes to their well-being and protection, especially when you are not around to monitor what is happening in your home.

A smart lock is a great addition to any home because it allows you to control access to your property by giving you the ability to remotely lock and unlock doors, change passwords, and even allow or deny entry to certain people. Smart lock systems are typically controlled by an app on your smartphone, allowing you to monitor who has access at all times.

Smart locks come with many different features that vary from one model to another. Some of them can be connected directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network while others rely on Bluetooth technology, which means they need to be within 20 meters (approximately 65 feet) of the door they are controlling in order for everything to work properly.

  • Entry Sensors

Home sensors that work with your entry system can be used to activate lights, sound an alarm or notify you when someone approaches, enters or leaves your home. They detect movement by measuring infrared energy emitted by objects in their field of vision.

If a burglar attempts to enter through a window or door, the entry sensor will send a wireless signal to your home security system, sounding an alarm and notifying you of the attempted break-in.

If you want to install entry sensors on all your doors and windows, it is a good idea to use motion sensors for larger areas inside the home. Motion sensors work just like entry sensors but can cover an area large enough to protect several rooms in your home. You might want to put one in your living room and another in the basement or attic if those are rooms where you often store valuables.

Motion sensors can also help you save energy by turning off lights when no one is there. If you don’t want your television or stereo left on while you’re away, motion sensors can automatically turn them off after a certain period of time has elapsed without movement detected within their range. If you’re gone for long periods at a time, motion sensors may turn off your lights during the day to save energy as well.


Smart outlets are another simple option to give you smartphone control over your lights if you don’t want to replace your conventional lightbulbs in bedroom lamps with smart bulbs. You can also get voice-activated light and appliance control if you connect the outlet to your smart speaker.

  • Music – Smart Speaker

Music is a key part of our homes. It impacts our moods, it can be relaxing, and it can help set the tone for your day. If you want to start working on creating a smart home, one of the first things you should get is a smart speaker.

This device allows you to control your music with voice commands and integrates with other smart devices in your home. You can keep the music playing while doing other tasks, or turn it off with a quick command when someone comes to the door.

Smart speakers are also useful for more than just playing music. You can use them to check the weather, find news updates, set timers while cooking, and many other tasks that require a quick answer. If you’re already looking at getting a smart speaker, now is a great time to do so since there are several great early Black Friday deals available now.

You don’t have to choose just one smart speaker, either. You can install multiple speakers throughout your home and connect them to play the same music or different tunes throughout each room in your house. Many smart speakers are inexpensive or come as part of a bundle deal with other products so you can get started on making your home smarter without breaking the bank.


  • Smart Cooktops

Smart cooktops are the latest invention as far as kitchen appliances are concerned. They come with a lot of benefits that include easy to use, efficient, and fast cooking. In addition to this, smart cooktops also have touch screen control for easy setting of the temperature. This ensures that you do not end up using more energy than required.

Smart cooktops can be controlled from anywhere you are through your smartphone. This means that you can allow other people such as your family members to use the cooktop whenever you are away by just giving them access to your device. You will also be able to monitor what is happening in your home remotely using the same device.

When it comes to cleaning, smart cooktops are very easy to clean because they only have glass surfaces and metal housing. You can easily wipe off all the stains and leave them sparkling clean in a matter of seconds.

  • Smart Refrigerator

When it comes to smart home ideas, let’s be honest – we don’t see refrigerators as something that is about to change our lives. They are there, we use them every day, and that’s about it. Well, what if we told you that the technology is changing? In the next five years or so, the refrigerator will have a much bigger influence on your life than you might think!

Let’s explore the world of smart refrigerators, and discover their potential!

What Does a Smart Refrigerator Mean?

In essence, a smart refrigerator is like any other refrigerator: it keeps your food cool. However, some models offer more than this. For example, they can tell you when certain groceries are about to expire. Or they can make suggestions for recipes depending on what you have in your fridge at that moment. Some even come with cameras inside so you can check your groceries while you’re at work. These models are more expensive than traditional refrigerators – but they are also far more useful.


  • Smart Home Control Panel

Smart homes are something that the future of living is about. There are a lot of smart home ideas you can use for your home and make it more efficient and automated. However, you can’t have a smart home without a smart home control panel to get things going.

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the right control panel according to your needs, your lifestyle and how much of automation you want in your life. Many people don’t realize this but there are many different kinds of smart home control panels out there in the market and they all serve some purpose or the other.

For example, some control panels can easily be operated by voice while others require touch to work. But once you have figured out what kind of control panel you need, the next step would be figuring out how you want to set it up in your house so that it is easy to access and use.

Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo are great for controlling smart devices at home using voice commands. You can even make them take care of some basic tasks for you by simply saying “Hey Google” or “Alexa” after which you have to say the command like “Open my blinds” or “Lock my

  • Robotic Technologies

Technologies such as pool cleaners, window washers, and Roombas robot vacuums, with your home automation system to teach your home how and when to clean itself. It is a smart house idea that enables you to multitask easily.

Self-driving cars are just one of the many ways that robots are poised to make their mark on our lives in the next few years. The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) featured a number of robots geared toward household use, including LG’s Hub Robot, which can control your home’s smart appliances and features a built-in camera that can be used as a remote monitoring system.

Other smart home robots were designed with children and pets in mind, including UBTech’s Walker robot and the PetPal robot, which allows you to speak with and dispense treats to your pet when you’re not at home.

  • Lighting Control

Lighting control is one of the most important creative ideas for any smart home. This can be accomplished through a switch, dimmer or even a sensor. The best part about having lighting control is the ability to have them change automatically. For example, when you enter the room, they go on automatically, and when you leave they turn off after you have left.

Imagine being able to change the mood in any room without getting up from the sofa – or turning the lights on when you arrive home with a wiggle of your nose. Awesome right!

  • Thermostat

Smart thermostats are another great addition to any smart home. These devices work with voice activation just like Alexa and Google Assistant. They also connect with other devices like smoke detectors and alarms so that you can adjust the temperature whenever needed.

Smart thermostat is an excellent feature of a smart home because it helps to keep your house at a comfortable temperature without having to spend too much money on heating or cooling the house during winter and summer months. This means that if it is cold outside, you can set the thermostat to turn on the heat without having to mess around with the thermostat all day long

  1. Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are one of the most important requirements in a home. These devices will protect you from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, respectively. Sadly, many homeowners do not have these devices in their homes. But the good news is that you can install them at a low cost.

  1. Smart Washing Machine

A smart washing machine is a washer that can connect with devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc., which allows users to control their laundry schedules remotely. This means you’ll never have an excuse not wash those dirty clothes again! If you hate doing laundry then this type of appliance will make life so much easier for everyone who lives with you!

  1. Automated Home Security Systems

Audio-based security systems are making way for automated security systems that can save you money on your insurance premiums by actively preventing break-ins from happening. For example, Nest’s Protect smoke alarm is designed to detect threats and alert you via a smartphone app if it detects high carbon monoxide levels or smoke in the home. You can also silence false alarms using the app or use it to keep tabs on battery life.

The great thing about all these creative ideas for  smart home  is that it doesn’t really take much to achieve them. Sure, you need the tools and hardware, but honestly that’s the easy part. Put simply, the key idea here is “head in the game”. Take some time to research what smart devices you can use like the ones we have presented in this article, read up on them and learn from your mistakes if necessary, and then put all this technology to use for you and your family’s benefit. And remember: it never hurts to start small!

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