KARTEL XD-W 5KVA/48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The W Series inverter is the perfect solution for homes and small businesses (such as restaurants, apartments, offices etc.)

The W Series higher KVA solutions offer high quality and reliable power back-up solutions for running such loads, meeting such needs and handling such equipment.

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KARTEL XD-W 5KVA/48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The KARTEL XD-W 5KVA/48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter is one of the W Series wall-mountable inverter solutions.  It was initially designed to provide affordable alternative power solution for homes and small businesses.

Having a  full metal body design the KARTEL XD-W 5KVA/48V  Inverter casing provides extra protection for the device, by reducing damage, as a result, of constant handling. Its super coolant system, with the support of the two-sided ventilation, helps to regulate the inverter’s temperature at all times. This technology allows the inverter to work for a long period without any overheating issues.

product specification

Product model number: KARTEL XD-W-50248

Output: pure sine wave

AC Charge current 0-24A adjustable
Air-cooled type radiator, great energy-saving effect
Strong loading capacity; peak power more than 3time
Added fault code query function, easy to monitor the
operation in real-time
supports diesel or gasoline generator, adapt any tough electricity situation
RS232 Communication port optional

The KARTEL XD-W 5KVA/48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter can support 12v/200Ah battery and is compatible with charge controllers for solar charging.

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