Why you need a PTZ Camera

Why you need a PTZ Camera

The PTZ camera, popularly known as the Speed dome camera has gainfully earned its spot as the outdoor perimeter king. This is as a result of its versatility and ease of use.

Housed in an IP67 weather-proof casing, a 16x optical zoom lens, and an impressive 100meter Infrared (IR) radius for long-distance coverage at night, These cameras have proven themselves as the outdoor king which states the obvious Why you need a PTZ Camera.

Benefits of PTZ cameras:

Tracking: PTZ cameras due to their motorized lens can track movements of people you’re suspicious about whether from a computer or mobile device connected to the network.

Multiple Alarm systems: These cameras usually have four alarm systems. Devices such as motion detectors, glass break devices, door contacts, etc. can be placed in critical areas and connected to PTZ cameras.

Low Light features: PTZ cameras are equipped with features required for both day and night. They automatically switch to a super sensitive mode, allowing it to gather details in any kind of light. PTZ cameras offering this feature usually have infrared illumination.

Good Optical  Zoom: PTZ cameras with the least zoom ratios are light years ahead of the regular fixed cameras. A regular low zoom ratio for a PTZ camera is 10x optical, and a variety is available with powerful 36x zoom ratio lenses which provide better resolution on images

Weather Proofing: PTZ cameras can withstand any weather conditions as a result of their metallic housings which protect from harsh weather.

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